Tech Haus is a services company established in 2017.

The entrepreneurs behind Tech Haus are responsible for creating hundreds of millions of dollars in B2C sales in markets around the globe.

Tech Haus’s purpose is to build great companies that make an impact in the world.

It’s an exciting time to join Tech Haus because as a group we own several companies that we are looking to scale in sales globally.

We are currently looking to add a marketing manager to our team.

The role of the marketing manager is to execute and align all marketing efforts and tools to generate leads and sales. When it comes to websites and traffic generation there are various aspects that need consideration, from research and market intelligence, to planning and executing to generating leads and sales. Metrics and automation are of the essence to make this work. A marketing manager must gather all these key functions and put them all together in synergy to understand performance based on execution and to continuously focus on improving results.

The essential functions of the role include:

1. Keyword and Marketing Research to gather market intelligence and create strategies of execution.

2. Content Research & Planning

3. Lead Generation Strategies

4. Email Marketing Campaigns

5. Outreach Strategies

6. Metric and data driven execution

7. Website optimization including CRO and other elements that are important to improve conversions

8. CRM Management, Tagging & Automation

9. Sales campaigns management

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Tech Haus Team

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