Tech Haus is looking for a Senior Copywriter to add to our team!

The entrepreneurs behind Tech Haus have 20+ years of experience and are responsible for scaling ecommerce sales to 9 figures annually.

It’s an exciting time to join Tech Haus because we are in the process of creating a team to build nutritional supplements and cosmetic brands that scale and make an impact in the world.Exit to dashboard

As the senior copywriter, you will serve as the voice of our company on all marketing related materials, including but not limited to emails, sales letters that will be served in the form of video and text, ad creatives and advertorials.

Essential Functions will include:

1. Write copy-related materials for the company including Emails, VSLs, Advertorials, Paid Ads, etc.

2. Document and store all content using company systems.

3. Gather and organize all necessary content needs with precise organization.

4. Report on metrics.

5. Coordinate with the editorial team on serving content and with the marketing team on serving marketing campaigns.

To be considered for this position, please visit the link below to start the selection process within our company.

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